Järnleden – a varied and historic nature trail

The background to the hiking trail has, as the name suggests, to do with the iron’s historical significance for Kristinehamn. The railway runs on paths and roads that may have been used as early as the 15th century. It was none other than Gustav Vasa who realized Bergslagen’s strategic importance and gave an order to build a transport route for iron, but it was his son Hertig Karl who later got everything done. Järnleden is a quality-assured Värmlandsled and has also been selected as one of the ten best trails in Sweden.

The hiking trail is 30 km long and contains a varied landscape, with small ponds and lakes, bogs and streams, forests and pastures along old country roads. During the hike you pass several historical sites, ancient monuments and sights. You can meet birds, butterflies, deer, beavers and moose as well as pick berries and mushrooms along the trail. The trail stretches from Hytte by hyttsjön to central Kristinehamn. Tip is to make a stop at Niklasdam’s garden and visit the geranium museum, where you can eat a good geranium cake.

Along the trail there are a number of rest areas and dry dock. On the map, all facilities are excellent. You can refill drinking water at Nässundet station, Niklasdam’s garden and Kristinehamn’s guest harbor. There are, among other things, almost 800 marking poles, arrows, signposts and signs with historical information. As a complement to this, there is also a new audio guide for Järnleden via the app StorySpot, where historical information is provided as well as tips on good preparations for your hike.


The trail is marked with orange on poles and trees and is maintained by the municipality in May-September. Read more about maintenance: The Iron Trail

This is included in the package:

• Overnight stay for two nights
• Breakfast every day and dinner the second evening (specify in the request what time you wish to book a table, in the next booking step)
• Optional drink after the finish
• Water bottle
• Map
• Lunch bag incl. coffee (you get a loan thermos from the hotel)


Practical info:
You may need to use hiking boots. For drier periods, however, ordinary casual shoes are enough.
Backpack and seat pad are good to have with you
Comfortable clothes, extra socks

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